Party Crackers

6 Balloon Modelling Party Crackers

Each cracker contains modelling balloons, a hat, joke and snap. Also incliudes a mini pump and instructions. What shapes you can make with these fun filled crackers.

Aed 75

6 Mini Party Pong Crackers

What's your tipple? If you like Beer Pong then this ones for you. Choose your favourite drink, set out the cups on your table and get ready to Pong. Who's gonna be the Pong King or Queen?

Includes 12 cups, two ping pong balls, scoresheet, pencils and winners medal. Also includes a hat, snap and joke.

Aed 75

6 Guess the Celebrity Crackers

Each player tries to guess which celebrity they are . Taking it in turns the race is on to see if Mum can uncover that she's James Bond, Dad if he's Megan Markle and Uncle John that he's Boy George.

6 crackers contain a Guess the Celebrity game, a hat, snap and a joke.

Aed 75

6 Face Mat Crackers

A set of crackers which includes 6 Face Mats. Each cracker contains a novelty gift, a hat, snap and joke.

Aed 85

6 Dominoes Crackers

6 crackers includes a set of Dominoes. Each cracker includes a hat, snap and a joke.

Aed 85

6 Balancing Chair Crackers

Each cracker contains balancing chairs, a hat, snap and a joke.

Aed 70

6 Chopstick Challenge Crackers

A set of 6 crackers which includes chopsticks, novelty gift, a hat, a snap and fortune message.

Players must use their chopsticks to take part in different games. Players are required to pass their novelty gifts around the table without dropping them. another where two teams race to put their novelties into a bowl. And the last game where players must try and catch a novelty that is thrown up in the air by another player - If Mr Miyagi can do it then you can. Be the Master of the Chopsticks, grasshopper.

Aed 75

6 Egg and Spoon Game Crackers

Each cracker contains a plastic egg, a spoon, a hat, snap and joke.

Players should have a steady hand and good balance to play a number of egg and spoon games around the table. You'll be cracking up if you drop those eggs!

Aed 75